How To Determine What Home Buyers In Kentucky Want

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How To Determine What House Buyers In Kentucky Want

How to Determine What Buyers in Kentucky Want

What home buyers in Kentucky Want

If you want to sell your Kentucky home, then you’re probably starting to look around and evaluate your house. When you look around at all of the items that need addressed you may start to feel your schedule tighten up. You’re busy as it is, but getting your house ready for sale adds another dimension of stress. The “to do list” can become overwhelming when you look around and wonder what project to tackle first. On the same hand, it’s difficult to take an objective look at your house. After all, it’s your home. What works for one is completely different for another.

When you get your house ready for market it’s not just about the staging. The bones of the house matter more than anything. Sure, staging and decorating certainly help, but the finishes and fixtures of a home matter most to buyers as they are permanent (without demo and renovations). If your house a substantial amount of repairs needed or major system issues, it can slow the selling process for you.

It’s important to examine what repairs or upgrades your house actually needs before you get started on renovations. Some repairs or upgrades can be lucrative, but not all have the same return on investment. Before you call a contractor or visit Lowes, determine what repairs and upgrades should be tackled that will ultimately pay for themselves.

We’ll examine how to determine what house buyers in Kentucky want…

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Determining What Kentucky Home Buyers Want

Below are our top tips to help determine what buyers in Kentucky (or really any market) are

Techniques To Determine What Property Buyers In Kentucky Want:

We’ll take a look at these techniques, what they include and ways to implement what you discover…

Checkout The Competition

We buy houses Kentucky

When you’re wondering what to repair or upgrade in your own home, it’s best to let your competition do the work for you. We give you full permission to be a nosey neighbor. With this permission, you should take action and visit open houses in your neighborhood or market to determine what common features & items stand out Take pictures or note on positives & negatives. Most open houses will have some marketing materials at the listing which you can take and use for your own self information. The write up of these house will not only serve as a good barometer to measure your own house against, but you can even look for the selling features in the write up. This will give you an idea of call outs or special features that homes in your area are advertising. This doesn’t mean you have to have the same bells and whistles at your property, but rather just ideas of common themes that are present in your market.

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Contact A Realtor

What Kentucky Home Buyers Want

When you’re wondering what projects to tackle or repairs to make contacting a realtor is a great strategy because they will know what projects provide the best return for the money spent. They can also point out local market trends and advise on items to avoid. A realtor will also know what price points houses sell for based on the square footage and bedroom/bathroom count. This can help aid in determining where to best spend your capital to get the highest price point for your home when you put your property for sale. At the very least, a realtor will be able to provide valuable insights and and point you in the right direction

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Contact A Designer

How To Sell a house in Kentucky

When you go to sell your house in Kentucky, it’s important to position your house in the best possible light in buyer’s minds. This is best done once all renovation or repairs are completed by the staging and decorating. A modest, but appealing decor will go a long way in buyers minds compared to ragged old furniture with pet hairs and food stains. An interior designer in the area is a great person to contact to get advice and tricks to help your space pop. In some cases, it’s worth the money to hire an interior designer to stage the property. On the other hand, at the very least a designer will point you in the right direction and pick tasteful finishes that will appeal to a wide audience. Interior designers get paid to know the trends and they are constantly evolving with the market. They are a great person to aid you in your pursuit to sell your home in Kentucky fast. Designers know what trends are becoming popular. If they are in your market they’ll know what tastes local buyers want so they can further provide support in the staging and decor.

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Review Recent Market Sales

How To Determine What Buyers In Kentucky Want

When determining what buyers in Kentucky want, one of the best ways to pin point specific features and price points is to look at recent sales. This data can be sourced a variety of ways. The easiest way to get your hands on this data is to contact a realtor that has access to the Kentucky MLS. A realtor will be able to provide this information to you very quickly, and for free. Of course the realtor will want to sell your house for you, but you don’t have to sign a contract with them to get this data. It’s much better to get the data and then make an informed decision on what route you’ll pursue to sell the property. Another way to get this data is to do a Google search for recent home sales in your area. Many companies (Zillow, Realtor, Redfin, Trulia, etc.) are free to the public and you can access online property records. You can also go to your county recorder and review recent sales in the area. Many homes will list the sale price in the purchase & sale agreement recorded at the county. Some counties list these recordings online while others require you to visit the county recorder or pay for the record. It’s not worth investing too much time as speed in selling is essential and you just need average figures rather than specifics.

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Reach Out To An Appraiser

What Buyers In Kentucky Want

When considering what buyers in Kentucky want, an appraiser will have market information that they can provide. Appraisers are often contracted by banks to assist in determining the fair market value for a property. They are contacted when a buyers needs financing to purchase a new property or a homeowner is looking to refinance. Many times homeowners will conduct repairs or renovations to a property and then get the property appraised and refinance at the new value. With this in mind, appraisers are often the first to see new home improvements or renovations and they too will know the trends and what return on investment (ROI) they can provide a homeowner. Appraisers will know market trends as well as the ROI for certain projects. This will significantly aid one in determining what projects tackle or to avoid.

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Call A Local KY Home Buyer

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Whether you’re ready to sell your house or just considering renovations, a local home buyer will know the local market trends and be able to offer advice. Home buyers regularly flip properties so they know what buyers want and they also are in the market to buy a home. If you want top dollar for your property, a home buyer might not be the best bet as they are looking for an investment property; but a cash house buyer can offer other benefits. When you work with a local cash home buyer in KY, you can sell your house in Kentucky as-is and you won’t have to worry about picking the right project, finishes, conducting repairs or paying expensive closing costs. This strategy will allow you to sell your home smoothly and quickly.

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We Buy Kentucky Houses With Repairs Needed

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