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Are you saying, “Sell my house fast Kentucky“?

Good news! You’re in the right place for that! We not only educate homeowners on options for them to take with their unwanted properties, but we also buy houses!

Selling a home can be very stressful and challenging. You have to spend time and energy working on all the little deficiencies and most importantly, this requires money. Unfortunately, most buyers want a turn key house. Meaning, they do not want to use their hard earned, after tax dollar, money to purchase a problematic home. They want to buy a good looking house that they can enjoy. As a seller that doesn’t want to do repairs, this can be problematic. You either wait with you house on the market as weeks and months go by, or you make repairs and fix it up.

If you’re tight on money making repairs on your house is usually one of the last things you want to do. If you house needs repairs and you’ve failed to inform your insurance provider you may also get denied for a quote. Money is meant to be used for food, clothes and fun. No one enjoys spending money on making repairs to their house. Unfortunately, many repairs that are done on a house go unnoticed. It’s hard to find a buyer that will happily give you an extra $15k for the new roof that you just put on, or pay you an extra $4k for the new AC unit. Buyers just expect these items to be functional when they purchase a property, regardless of your recent work conducted.

If you’re ready to sell your house, you don’t want to make repairs. Rather than making these repairs, you could be holding on to your hard earned money and using how you want to or need to. Most, have better uses for their money than dumping it into a problematic property. This is particularly frustrating as a house with issues can constantly have new unexpected items pop up that derail your saving or budgeting goals.

Flip or Flop?

If you’re not a real estate professional with a pulse on the market, it’s very hard to know what is currently “in” and what is “out.” Sure, a trendy, savvy homeowner can make tasteful improvements, but not all improvements bring the same value to the end buyer. Just because you love french wines and install a brand new wine cellar with cedar planks in the basement, doesn’t mean that your end buyer will value this. You may spend $8k on materials and labor for this, but the end buyer doesn’t drink, so they see a new storage room. Your state of the art improvement is seen as a very minor feature with simple utility for the buyer.

As an average homeowner, it’s hard to know what is selling and what is not. You’ll have to do your own market research and figure out what buyers really want. It’s hard to know what items actually bring value (bathrooms and kitchens 😉 You can thank us later) and what items are just expected from buyers. If you don’t do you research correctly and examine the market, you could spend too much on a renovation, or worse, choose features that buyers don’t care about. You’ll be out time, energy and money. Even worse, the buyer could hate the finishes and try to negotiate a lower price point in order to factor in funds to redo the finishes. This is why the average homeowner is at a disadvantage when they go to spruce up a house.

Don’t waste your energy, time or money creating something that end buyers don’t want. It can be devastating and an tough reality to face when you go to sell your property.

Let me tell you a secret…

You do not need to spend another dime on your property in order to sell your house!”

~ Trust us!

Contrary to popular belief, you actually don’t have to invest a cent into your property…. Yes, that’s right. You read that correctly. I’ll say it again, in-case you missed it. You do not need to invest a single penny into your property in order to sell it. In fact, you can actually sell your house in it’s current condition, as is! There is no need to make unnecessary repairs, that a buyer does not place the same value on. If you sell to the correct buyer, they’ll have their own tastes and preferences. They don’t need or want you spending their money for them on poor choice of finishes and then requesting more for the house to pay off the new renovations.

This is where it gets particularly interesting… When you sell your house without making repairs, you’re selling it “as-is.” This means that the buyer knows you’re unwilling to make repairs and they shouldn’t expect changes to the property aside from agreed upon terms. You’ll still need to vacate the property and usually the buyer wants you to remove your things. This is pretty standard, but it gets even better.

Take What You Want & Leave The Rest!

In some cases, the buyer will truly buy the house as-is and they won’t even require you to remove anything. If a family member lived there for years and all their hoarding filled the house, you’re in luck. You can sell the house, and walk away. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money renting a dumpster or time removing everything from the house. Best of yet, you don’t even have to clean! Imagine what might be underneath years of mold, old hoarded items, or water damage. These are all tough situations for a homeowner to deal with. If a house has these issues, it can be truly overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. The house still has value, but who wants to dump a bunch of money into these projects and hope they recoup it at the time of sale? Further, if you’re willing to empty the house, clean it and fix it, you still have to nail the renovation schedule, budget and finished product for the buyer. These are all of the reasons people get into the real estate and then quickly get out. It’s daunting and it’s no place for the faint of heart.

The good news is that you don’t have to trouble yourself with any of this. You don’t need to clean. You don’t need to make repairs. And, you don’t even need to get the place ready for the buyer…

We Buy Houses In Kentucky
We bought this one (clutter and all) and made it beautiful!

Sell Your House To A Cash Buyer!

A cash buyer is a great option for a homeowner looking to avoid all the normal encumbrances of a traditional sale and move quickly. A cash buyer can literally tour the property, find a win-win solution and make it happen. A sale of a problematic property can literally be that easy. It doesn’t have to sit on the market or get renovated. You can truly sell your house as is, to a cash buyer and be done with it in a matter of days (typically 10 is the shortest close to ensure clean title).

Not only is it great getting fast sale, but you get the convenience and certainty when working with a cash buyer. Where a traditional buyer requires financing and a lender to sign to close, a cash buyer can solve the problem all on their own. There is no waiting for a bank or lender to get approval. Cash buyer do all of their own inspections so it’s fast and simple. There aren’t a ton of middlemen getting between to the parties complicating the process.

Best yet, when you work with a cash buyer, they can provide terms that a traditional buyer won’t. (For example, we offer help sellers find a new affordable place to live when they sell to us.) Additionally, when you sell directly to a cash buyer, you don’t have to pay agent fees or commissions. On most sales, this is 3% for the buyer’s agent and 3% for the sellers agent for a total of 6%. Typically, you agree to a price, and then there are agent fees, commissions, and even closing costs that come out of your profits. However, when you work with a cash buyer, they typically pay all closing costs, and they know the best title companies in town so they can dramatically speed up the closing process. Instead of getting paid the leftovers from your agreement with a buyer, you get paid 100% of the agreed upon purchase price.

If you’re ready to sell your house to a cash buyer, fill in the form below. If you want more information, check out how it works. If you’re more of a talker, just give us a call (502) 200 - 1800 We have partners all over the state and we’re sincerely happy to help. We’ll work with you free of charge, or point you in the right direction. We’re stronger together. No one was meant to go it alone. You made it this far. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

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