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Selling Your Kentucky Home With Electric Issues

Disclaimer: The content and information in this page is solely meant for general information and guidance. It should not be used as a substitute for professional and/or legal advice. We Buy Property In Kentucky is a local house buying company in Kentucky that pays cash for houses in Kentucky with electrical issues. If you need to sell a home in Kentucky with major issues contact us today to discuss your property.

Sell a house in Kentucky with Electrical issues

If you’ve got a home in Kentucky with electrical issues and your thinking about selling your home in Kentucky, it can be overwhelming. Where should one start? Is it best to get the electric work completed first, or just get packing and worry about it later?… When you’re ready to sell a house in Kentucky it can be tough prioritizing what to do first. On top of the regular headaches that come with moving, there is work to be done on the house. This really adds another level of complexity. If you tally up all of the items that need repaired or even redone, it can feel hopeless.

It’s important to realize that the major systems of the home are much more important than the decor of a home. The plumbing, electric and HVAC of a home are very expensive and they help maintain the integrity and safety of a home. It’s important that these systems are working properly. The buyer usually wants these in working order over the finishes as they can choose to redo those at a later time. It could make the selling process much longer if you’re trying to sell your with electrical problems.

Before you start doing construction you’ll want to take an inventory of your house to determine what are the house repairs needed. Each repair or upgrade will take time and money. Even if you complete the work yourself, you’ll have to pay for the cost of materials. Before you add up the cost, consider your trade offs by selling your KY house as is and avoiding the repairs.

Sell my house KY with Electric problems

Why Electric Issues Will Slow Down Selling Your Kentucky Home

When the average buyer hits the market to look for a house, they’re usually looking for turnkey home. It’s enough work to pack up a home and move it to a new location and then unpack. It’s another large ordeal to start on major repairs or renovations. Small changes or upgrades are one thing, but a major system repair can be very daunting. The standard buyer is not looking to take on more problems. Once the market is aware of a major issue in a home, it’s typical that many buyers will choose to avoid it and look at turnkey properties. Most buyers want a turn key home.

Electrical problems can run into thousands of dollars to resolve. Electric wiring runs throughout the entire house and each connection is important. One spot can cause half of your house to loose power. The electric system runs throughout the entire house, but finding the issue can be difficult. Electric issues are worth getting an expert’s help because resolving the issue can be challenging and incredibly dangerous for the untrained. If the electric system in your home isn’t running properly the safety of your home could be compromised.

Electric Issues Include (but are not limited to):

  • Short Circuit
  • Frequent Tripped Breakers
  • Dead Outlets
  • Warm Outlets

We’ll examine common electric issues and possible remedies for these problems…

Short Circuit

Sell my house in KY with electric problems

Some electrical devices can trip or cause a short circuit. The simple fix for this is to reset the breaker. If this happens repeatedly with the same device, you’re in luck. It usually means that it’s the appliance is the issue, not the electrical system. If the circuit keeps shorting and there are different devices plugged into it, then it’s the recepticle or the wiring. It’s best to let a trained electrician address this issue. Tinkering with an electric wire can cause lead to serious injury depending on the voltage of the wiring.

Frequent Tripped Breakers

When a breaker frequently trips it’s a sign that it’s overloaded. An appliance that requires too much electricity can cause a breaker to trip, but when the breaker frequently trips with different devices then the breaker is at fault. If this occurs in your home you should consider adding an additional circuit or potentially upgrading your electrical system.

Dead Outlets

A dead outlet is indicative that there is not a proper connection or a connection at all. This can be a result of a poor connection or a tripped breaker. In older houses a poor connection can allow arching which is very unsafe. Another possibility is a tripped breaker due to uncontrolled heat and the melting of wires or potentially the outlet. Electric arching can be very dangerous as it can lead to a fire or electrocution.

Warm Outlets

Sell house in Kentucky with electric issues

A warm outlet is never a good sign. Sometimes this can happen if it is a switch with extra components to is. A good example of this is a switch that dims or brightens. Typically these light switches are more complex as they have extra operational components compared to a regular light switch. Nevertheless, a warm outlet is not something to overlook. A warm outlet is a serious safety concern. It could lead to arching or potential greater problems. It’s best to call a professional to come inspect rather than doing your own self analysis (unless you’re a trained professional). Electric is very dangerous and it’s mean to be contained. Tampering with or conducting your own modifications can cause greater damage to the system and allow an opportunity for injury. We recommend calling a licensed professional and then making a decision to upgrade your electric or address the repair.

Sell my house KY with Electric problems

The Downside Of Selling Your Kentucky Home With Electrical Issues

Above we discussed the possible (but not all) issues one might face with their electrical system. As time goes by, all things break down and it’s common that updates are needed to maintain the safety of a house. Unfortunately, many of these repairs require extensive work as the electric system runs throughout the entire house (in most cases). Electricians are skilled individuals, but their services and hourly rates are not cheap.

If you choose to skip making repairs to address the electrical issues and sell your Kentucky house on the market, a buyer may not realize the issue on tour. However, all buyers using traditional financing will be required to get a home inspection done by a professional. The lender always requires a formal home inspection to hedge themselves from loss and ensure the underlying asset is worth the amount they are lending the borrower to purchase the property. A home inspection is always required prior to finalizing the transaction.

Home inspections are a very comprehensive inspections that look for any and all underlying defects of a property. During the inspection, their goal is to identify major, moderate, or mild issues with the property. Any major problems, including electrical issues, are sure to be uncovered by an inspector.

IMPORTANT: Any known issues that are needed must be disclosed in writing to a buyer. Making quick cosmetic repairs without proper remediation with the intent of concealing the needed repairs for the purpose of selling your house in Kentucky is likely to result in litigation.

After the conclusion of the inspection, the buyer will receive a full report from the inspector. The report will list all issues found with the property. At this juncture in the sale process, the buyer may request repairs to be made or the buyer may ask for a price reduction to offset the cost of repairs. If you are willing to conduct the repairs and pay for them it’s important that you hire a professional that knows what they’re doing. If you are unable to make the repairs, and you’re unwilling to drop your price then may have to consider starting the process over with a new buyer. The next buyer will certainly get a home inspection and uncover the same issues, if not more.

Don’t worry! There is a way to sell your house in Kentucky with electric problems to a buyer that can handle it.

Sell my house KY with Electric problems

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