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We Buy Duplexes In Louisville KY

Sell Your Duplex in Louisville For Cash! See Why Our Buying Process Is The Fastest Way To Sell Your Duplex In Louisville!

Sell My duplex in Louisville KY

I want to sell my duplex in Louisville fast!” No problem! You’re in the right place! We purchase property much quicker than a traditional sale by removing the middlemen. We do not use realtors or brokers and we do our own due diligence. Since we have our own cash, we are not reliant on banks or lenders to approve us for an acquisition. This allows us to work directly with you and collaborate to come up with the best solution for your unwanted property.

Selling Your Duplex In Louisville KY Made EASY!

Looking to sell a duplex in Louisville… Without any of the usual hassles? You don’t have to hire a broker, pay hefty commission, or even market your property. You can sell your duplex without waiting months and months or managing renovations.

We are duplex buyers in Louisville KY that close quickly and never ask you to conduct repairs! Our cash offers are flexible. You pick the closing date. Just follow the simple steps below…

We Buy Duplexes In Louisville KY

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Sell My Duplex in Louisville KY

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Sell Duplex Louisville KY

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Sell Your Louisville Duplex NO MATTER

We’ve run into all the problems associated with selling property. It really doesn’t matter why you’re selling. What matters is that you need a solution to your problem and we’re ready to help! We’re successful because we don’t stray away from the challenging properties. We are investors so we do look for a profit, but we enjoy the challenges that real estate brings. We’ll focus on you, your needs and the property will come secondary. We’ll happily purchase your units and get to work right away!

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we buy houses Kentucky and redo them

We’re capable of taking over a property, managing renovations, and bringing it up to the standard renters want!

Sell My Duplex In Louisville FAST


I need to sell my duplex in Louisville as-is, without making costly renovations, wasting time or paying real unnecessary commissions. Who buys Duplexes in Louisville KY fast for a fair price?

Glad you found us! We buy duplexes in Louisville “as-is” – Avoid repairs. Avoid agents, open houses, and lag time waiting for your property to sell. We even pay closing costs!

We make cash offers and move quickly. If you’re curious, just know that our offers are absolutely FREE, with no obligation or hassles. It’s our time and analysis that we provide to you free of charge. If you accept our offer, great! You’ll pick the closing date and we’ll get working to the close – Get started by filling the form or call us at (502) 200 - 1800 for an offer.

We Buy Duplexes in Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville’s Top Duplex Buying Duo

Looking for an honest, reliable duplex buyer with experience?

~ We’ve got you covered!

We’ve been buying property in Louisville for years! If you’re saying “Sell my duplex in Louisville KY”, we’re ready to buy it! Usually, they’re a larger asset for an owner to unload, but we’re building our portfolio so a duplex is exactly what we’re looking for!

If you decide to work with us, our process is simple. We literally handle everything so you don’t have to lift a finger! Selling your duplex in Louisville has never been easier! We complete our own due diligence. We make all of the repairs. We even pay the closing fees (title search, lawyer fees, taxes, etc). We just need you to decide on the closing date.

We’re Hailey & Luke. We’re the top duplex buying duo in Louisville because we work with sellers to find the right solution. It’s about you and your needs. We’ll solve the real estate second. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Since we collaborate instead of negotiate with sellers, we’re able make offers that work for both parties and that’s why… we’re the BEST!

All Cash Offers Start Below!

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The Best Way to Sell Your Duplex In Louisville

Thanks for taking time to check us out. If you’ll benefit from a quick sale of your duplex in Kentucky, we hope you’ll consider us. It’s not an accident that we’re a top cash duplex buyer in Louisville. We’ve worked very hard to build our reputation over the years. We make fair cash offers that work for sellers and that allows us to help more people.  If we can help you out and make a profit on our end.. Well, there’s really nothing better! If you’re ready to sell you Louisville duplex, we offer cash for Louisville duplexes! 

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