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Stop thinking “I need to sell my house” and take action today!

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We Buy Houses In Florence KY

We’re Kentucky’s TOP House Buyer With The Fastest Home Buying Process!

We Buy Houses In KY

Sell your House in Florence, Kentucky in cash and as is.  Stop saying, “I need to sell my house.” and get ready for an easy sale! Often when you have a distressed property, the best option is to sell the property. We are a great option for this strategy as we pay cash for houses, land, condos, and multi-family. We buy property in it’s current state. You avoid agents fees, repairs, and closing costs. We’re experience, reliable and fast! Contact us today and see how easy it is to sell your Florence, KY home to us!

I need to sell my house in Florence, KY fast, but I don’t want to make pay steep agent fees or make repairs. I just want to sell fast and walk away with cash in hand.

~ You’re Going To Love Us!

Sell your house in Florence Ky to us – it really couldn’t be easier! We do all of the work. You just have to tell us a little about the property, what you want and pick the closing date. We buy houses and keep it simple.

~ We Won’t Let You Down!

What Are You Waiting For?

When you work with us, you will pay zero fees and zero commissions. You’ll avoid waiting long periods of time with you house on the market, and we pay all closing costs. Get started by filing in our form and get a no-obligation offer from us. Keep in mind, there are absolutely no costs involved for you. No more waiting. Take action! We buy houses in Florence KY (To be honest, we buy houses all over Kentucky.) Give us a call and we will not waste your time!

No Obligation Cash Offers

No Fees. No Commissions. No Closing Costs.

Honest, Reliable, Fair Cash Home Buyers

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Sell Your House In Florence To US

We didn’t become the top cash home buyer in Kentucky by accident. We work incredibly hard to bring true value to our sellers. It’s our privilege to work with you. We make cash offers that work because your satisfaction is our top priority. We appreciate your belief in us and we’ll do everything we can to make it easy to part ways with you KY property.

Everything sounds great, but will you really pay cash for my house, as is? It’s not in great shape…

~ Not a problem!

Yes! We buy houses in Kentucky as is, with cash, each month. We’ll buy the property directly from you so the middlemen don’t decrease your equity from the sale and increase the price to us. It’s actually easier, faster and cheaper for us both! We’re real estate investors, so no matter the situation or condition of the house, we’ll buy it. It’s then our job to get the place HGTV move-in ready! 😉

The QUICKEST Way to Sell Your House In Florence KY

We buy houses with cash so we don’t have to wait on third party approvals. Most banks or lenders require 14-30 days to underwrite a loan and approve the use of those funds (purchase of a property). We avoid this time period since we have our own cash. This saves us time and it saves you uncertainty. We said we were fast… We mean it!

Sell Your House In Florence KY


Probate or Inherited

Tenants Don’t Pay

Fire Damage

Foundation is Cracked

Past Due Property Taxes

House Is Uninhabitable

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Eliminate Stress & Sell Your House In Florence KY

No more worrying, “How am I going to sell my house?” We are fully prepared to make you an all cash offer on your home in Florence, Kentucky. If it’s not in Florence, do not worry. We buy houses all over Kentucky! We buy houses from Shepherdsville, KY to Lyndon, Kentucky.  We make it easy to sell your Kentucky home no matter the location. Stop stressing over your unwanted property and let us handle it. We’ll make you an offer that you’ll love! End stress and start living today!

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