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Selling Your Kentucky Home With Major Issues

Disclaimer: The content and information in this page is meant solely for guidance and general information. It should not be used as a substitute for professional and/or legal advice. We Buy Property In Kentucky is a local house buying company that can buy your house that has major issues in Kentucky without requiring you to do a thing.

We buy houses in Kentucky with Major Issues

If you’re considering selling your house in Kentucky then it’s safe to assume that you have a busy schedule. You have a full schedule on a normal basis, but now dealing with a property adds another task (or laundry list of tasks) to your already full schedule. On top of that, if your house has major issues, it can add an additional level of complexity. When you think about all of the things that need fixed, repairs or even redone, it can be completely overwhelming.

When you get your house ready to sell, the buyers aren’t just interested in the finishes. Actually, they’re probably more concerned with the major systems and integrity of the home. The finishes are important and aesthetics matter, but they can easily be replaced or updated to a buyer’s choice. If your houses systems have issues, it could make the selling process much longer.

Before you take a course on being a general contractor you’ll want to take an inventory of your house to determine what are regular house repairs needed and what are major system issues. Each repair or system upgrade will require time and money. Even if you complete the work yourself, you’ll have to pay for the cost of materials. Before you get started thinking about the cost, consider your trade offs for making the repairs or avoiding them and selling your house as is.

Let’s look at pros and cons that you’ll experience that you may face when selling your house in Kentucky that has major issues.

We Buy Kentucky Houses With Major Issues

Major Issues: Why They’ll Slow The Process Of Selling Your Kentucky Home

Most buyers are looking for a house that they can move in to and continue with their life. Moving is a major pain in the neck on it’s own. Moving into a house with major issues further complicates things. For this reason, most buyers are not looking for a fixer upper or a problem property. Buyers want a house that meets their needs and so they can get back to doing the things they enjoy (unlike moving and making costly repairs).

Major issues that homes owners run into are worth getting an expert’s opinion because they’ll require more than a quick fix. These systems are all internal and protected by the finishes of your house, but they are the systems that run your home. If these systems aren’t running properly the safety of your home is compromised.

Major Issues Include:

We’ll examine these major issues, what they indicate and possible remedies for these problems…

Plumbing Issues

We Buy Houses In Kentucky With Plumbing Issues

Plumbing is a major system of the house. Plumbing moves all liquids to sources where needed and away from unwanted places. The plumbing also keeps liquid contained to areas suitable to hold it. Liquid that escapes your plumbing system is a major problem. Liquid that escapes into areas not suited for it, can cause water damage, compromise your home’s structure, and allow mold to grow. At the very least, the plumbing of a home provides clean safe water for drinking and cleaning of your dishes and clothes. The plumbing design and pipe materials are important for the safety of your home. Major plumbing issues can cause damage to the home and health concerns for it’s inhabitants.

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Electrical Problems

We buy Houses In Kentucky With Electric Issues

Electricity is a dry subject matter – literally (and figuratively). It’s not something most think about, but it’s very important that the electricity within your home is safely wired and installed properly. Electricity at it’s base level is not necessarily safe. It’s controlled energy waiting to be released. The wire conditions and instillation locations are very important to ensure a safe transmission of energy throughout your home. If wires are not installed properly they can heat up, or worse, spark and cause fire damage. It’s important to address electrical issues in your home before they turn into a major problem that could cause damage to your property and impair the safety of your home.

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HVAC System Issues

We buy houses in Kentucky with HVAC Issues

The HVAC system that helps to control the temperature within your house is made up of three parts. HVAC stands for: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. During the cold Kentucky winter, heating your house is very important. The weather can drop so low that your pipes on exterior walls of your house can freeze. It’s important that the inside of your home stays warm enough to keep you warm and protect the materials throughout your home. Conversely, during the hot humid summers, you’ll be happy to have a working air conditioning system. Wood can swell and contract form liquid. Keeping your home cooled will help keep the humidity down and out of the interior of the house in the summer. The ventilation system is routed throughout the house to help disperse cool or hot air. These systems are very expensive. They are important for the comfort of your home as well as the safety of your home. The integrity of your home’s heating and ventilation system is important to avoid a house fire. Cooling and ventilation will keep moister from absorbing into the materials of your home when it’s hot & humid out.

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We Buy Kentucky Houses With Major Issues

Selling Your House On The Market With Major Issues

If you choose to sell your house on the market without repairs the systems of your house your buyer may not notice right of hand. However, you should notify the buyer of any known issues. When you agree to sell your house to a buyer they will usually get a home inspection. (In fact, most lenders actually require the borrower to get a home inspection. The bank requires this to ensure the underlying asset is worth the amount of the loan.) The home inspection is meant to uncover everything.

Home inspections are a very comprehensive inspection that look for any flaws and imperfections of a property. During the inspection, their goal is to identify major, moderate, and mild issues with the home. Any major issues are usually easy to uncover by an inspector.

IMPORTANT: Any known issues that are needed must be disclosed in writing to a buyer. Making quick cosmetic repairs without proper remediation with the intent of concealing the needed repairs for the purpose of selling your house in Kentucky is likely to result in a law suit.

After the inspection is concluded the buyer will receive a full report from the inspector. The report lists all known defects and seriousness of the issue. At this point in time, the buyer may request repairs to be made or a price reduction to account for the needed repairs. If you are willing to conduct the repairs and pay for them it’s important that you hire a professional that knows what they’re doing. If you are unable to make the repairs, and you’re unwilling to drop your price then may have to consider finding a new buyer. Unfortunately, in this scenario you will start the process all over. The next buyer will certainly get a home inspection and uncover the same issues.

Don’t lose hope! There is a way to market your property to target the buyers more likely to purchase your house.

We Buy Kentucky Houses With Major Issues

Sell Your House As Is Without System Upgrades

If you’re not interested in the hassle of dealing with wishy-washy buyers, then you should consider marketing your property for sale as is. Selling your home as-is in Kentucky is a method of informing buyers that if they want to purchase your property they will buy it in it’s current condition. When you list your house in this manner it tells buyers that you will not make repairs, and they should expect a house that is less than perfect. This will help weed out the buyers that are only interested in a turnkey home.

The con of this option is that you are likely to get a lower price for your house. The price that you list your property should reflect a discount to the buyer in order to make the needed repairs. After all, if you’re unwilling to make the repairs, why should the new buyer be expected to purchase something for more than it is worth. It’s only fair to allow some room for your buyer to purchase your property and have extra funds for the system upgrades. The pros of this route is that you don’t have to worry about unsettled buyers wasting your valuable time. When you sell your Kentucky house as is it typically allows you to find a buyer quickly and sell your house in Kentucky fast. Investors love this method as they get to purchase a great property and help a homeowner with their unwanted property.

We Buy Kentucky Houses With Major Issues

We Buy Kentucky Houses With Major Issues

Our motto is, “We buy houses Kentucky” and we do just that! We buy houses as is and don’t require any repairs. We pay cash for houses in Kentucky because it’s easier for us and faster for you as the seller. (Who wants to sell their house “slowly”?… Absolutely, no one!) The best part of purchasing houses with cash is that we don’t have to wait on approval from banks or lenders. We not only pay cash for the house, but we also pay all closing costs. We are a full-service home buying company.

If you choose to sell your house to us, our selling process is incredibly easy. We do all the work so you don’t have to lift a finger. We’re a top cash home buyer in Kentucky for a reason. We don’t just buy houses. We help homeowners deal with challenging real estate problems. We buy houses, but really we just help solve problems. We’re ready to help you too! Just fill out the form below and see for yourself!

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