Contemplating How To Sell Your Kentucky House With Old Windows?

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Selling Your Kentucky Home With Old Windows

Disclaimer: The content and information in this page is meant for guidance and general information. It should not be used as a substitute for professional and/or legal advice. We Buy Property In Kentucky is a local house buying company. We buy houses that need repairs in Kentucky without requiring you to do a thing.

Sell My House With Old Windows In Kentucky

If you’re thinking about selling your house in Kentucky, then you probably have a full schedule. It’s understandable. Why you’re gearing up to sell you also want to know what your options are and if it’s worth it to fix the windows or not in order to sell your home. The short answer is that you can sell you house in Kentucky without fixing the windows. Realize there are cost and reward trade offs for any decision you make in regards to repairs or maintenance.

There are always cost incurred when you make repairs. Even if you do the work yourself, you’ll need to purchase materials and your time is worth something. It’s a good idea to examine if it’s worth it to complete the work or skip it before you get started.

We’ll look at each of the different scenarios to help you decide what route makes the most sense for you.

Selling My Kentucky House With Old Windows

Why Old Windows Are A Problem When Selling Your Home

As a retail buyer looking for a new home, you’re typically not searching for a home that has problems. Sure, a few items here and there are understandable, but most buyers are looking for a house that is move in ready. Whether you have broken windows or old windows, both can be a turn off to buyers and make it harder to sell your home in Kentucky. We’ll look at the implications to both when buyers tour your property.

Broken Windows

We Buy Houses In Kentucky With Old Windows

You may have broken windows for a multitude of reasons. Either way, when you’re selling your property in Kentucky, broken windows don’t provide your buyers with a great impression. Usually broken windows mean something about the environment. They make a buyer ask poor quality questions like: “Is it a bad neighborhood?” “Is a safe neighborhood?”, etc. Even if the broken windows are from something benign, it is a bad look and not something that a buyer wants to deal with.

There are also cost implications of a broken window. They’ll need to purchase a new window and get it installed. Lastly, the house isn’t very energy efficient with a hold. Even if the window is taped up, there is still AC/Heat escaping causing the energy bill to ri$e unnecessarily.

Old Windows

Selling My House In Kentucky With Old Windows

Old windows aren’t nearly as bad as broken windows. They can’t always be noticed by the average buyer at first glance, but once a buyer goes beyond surface level they usually identify old windows. There are a few easy signs of old windows. In some cases the gaskets or seal on the window will wear out and the window gets a misty or foggy look. The windows can also let it hot air or a cold breeze during the winter time. This a common upgrade that many homeowners overlook. The energy loss is slow and not easily noticeable compared to the high cost of replacing all the windows in your house. However, the cost adds up over time. Buyers take notice of this and it can affect your offer.

Energy Efficient Windows

Sell My House in Kentucky With Old Windows

Energy efficient windows are costly, but they can be worth it. New windows on a home are easy to spot. They look great, they’re uniform and they are clear. Many window companies will push you to purchase double pained windows. This will provide you with the best experience as they are will make your house quieter and more energy efficient; but they will also cost more. You can still purchase single pained windows these days if you’re on a budget, but your house will be more susceptible to the elements. New windows certainly aren’t cheap and this is why many homeowners opt to avoid upgrading to new windows.

Selling My Kentucky House With Old Windows

Selling Your House On The Market With Bad Windows

When you’re getting ready to list your house for sale, it’s common to question whether or not you should fix the windows or just sell the house with the old or broken windows. If you choose not to spend any money out of pocket and leave the windows as they are, then you leave it in the hands of the buyer.

Most buyers pay for a home inspection. The inspectors job is to search all over the house for flaws. They will definitely notice a broken window and note it on their report. Home inspectors are professionals though. They’re looking for everything. If they notice gaps or issues with the windows due to old age, this can make its way onto the inspection report.

Important: It’s important to be open and honest when selling your Kentucky house on the market. Trying to paint over or conceal flaws in your windows with the intent to cover defects in order to sell your home can and often will result in a lawsuit from the buyer when uncovered and leave you with the liability of paying for repairs.

The buyers will receive a full home inspection report from the inspector. In some cases depending on the costs associated with defects, they may request you make the repairs to your house or ask for a price reduction. This can be disheartening as you have already agreed on price, but a real estate is never finished until the close. If you’re unable to pay the costs for the repairs or unwilling, it will usually result in a lower purchase price.

Selling My Kentucky House With Old Windows

Skip Costly Window Repairs & Sell Your House As Is

Selling your house in Kentucky as is provides you with a great option to sell your house without the burden of paying for costly repairs. You can sell your house in it’s current state and avoid the repairs. When you list your house for sale as is, you signal to the market that you’re unwilling to conduct repairs and they will be buying the house in it’s current condition. Realize, this option usually will result in a lower purchase price, but it can significantly speed up the process. Rather than listing your house for top dollar, then showing to buyers only to have them knock you on repairs, you can list your house to sell as is and shave time from the transactions. This is a great option if you’re ready to sell your home in Kentucky fast and you don’t want to hassle with the headache or stress of repairs.

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We Buy Houses With Bad Windows In Kentucky

We Buy Property In Kentucky is a local home buying company that specializes in buying undervalued properties. We buy houses in Kentucky that need a lot of work. We actually prefer buying houses that need work! We’re the real estate professionals so it’s our job to make the place gorgeous. We buy houses with old windows in Kentucky each month. Checkout how easy our selling process really is.

We buy houses in Kentucky with cash and work directly with homeowners to cut out the middlemen. This allows us to move much quicker than normal; and we don’t have to worry about lender approvals. If you don’t want to worry about getting estimates to repair your windows; and you don’t want to deal with wishy-washy buyers, then we’re a great option! We’re a top rate house buyer in Kentucky. We’re fair, fast and reliable. We stand by our word and we work hard to come up with win-win solutions for parties. If you’ve got an unwanted house with old windows or other defects, contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation cash offer. Fill-in the form below to get started.

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