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Selling Your Home In Kentucky With Rotten Siding

Disclaimer: The content and information in this page is meant for guidance and general information. It should not be used as a substitute for professional and/or legal advice. We Buy Property In Kentucky is a local house buying company that buys houses in Kentucky with rotten siding and other defects. We pay cash for houses and don’t require you to do a thing. We encourage you to get an expert’s opinion on any issues your home has so you can make an informed decision.

We buy houses in Kentucky with rotting siding

When you start the process of selling your house in Kentucky your “to-do” list can quickly pile up. Who knew you had all this stuff and you begin to notice all of the cosmetic flaws with your house. Doing a tour around your home to find that you have rotting siding or missing siding can be disheartening.

Not only is this a needed repair, but its something a buyer can see as they pull up to the property very easily. Having rotting siding can be concerning as it may be an indicator of a larger issue or just what the eye can see. If you have missing siding, it is still important to get it replaced so you don’t get liquid in places that it should be.

When you notice rotten siding or missing pieces it’s a good idea to get estimates before you take off on a full rehab/repair. There are cost and reward trade offs for conducting the repairs and paying the price up front or holding off on the repairs.

We’ll discuss what challenges you may face when selling your house in Kentucky with rotten siding or missing siding.

We Buy Houses Kentucky With Rotten Siding

Why Siding Damage Creates A Challenge When Selling Your Home

Most buyers are looking for a property that is ready to move in to without a lot of work. Any defects or imperfections can cause concern to a buyer and slow the sale of your home. Selling your house with siding issues or selling your Kentucky house with repairs needed usually doesn’t give buyers confidence to purchase your property. Very few companies say, “We buy houses in Kentucky with rotten siding” and if you don’t sell your house with them, then you’ll need to make the repairs. We’ll take a look at these problems, what they indicate along with solutions for these issues.

Rotten Siding

Sell My House in Kentucky with rotten siding

Rotten siding can be a sign of moister getting into the wood. This often happens as a house with wooden siding ages. Paint can crack or chip away over time, exposing your siding to the elements. As your siding gets more exposure to water it can start hold water and store it. Wood swells and contracts with humidity changes. Wood fibers swell when they absorb water and shrink as they release it. The moist wood creates an environment that draws in fungi. This fungi causes wood decay and compromises the integrity of the wood.

When you run into this issue, you can treat the wood, but most times it’s better to cut it out. Of course, there is usually a higher cost associated with cutting out the rotten wood and replacing with new siding. If you do the work yourself you have to pay for the new supplies. If you’re unable to complete the work then you need to pay for the materials and labor. Nevertheless, it’s important to make this repair as your house could start to allow more water to enter in places where you don’t want.

Missing Siding

We buy houses in Kentucky with missing siding

Siding can come off your house for a multitude of reasons. In some instances it can fall off simply due to poor initial instillation. On the other hand, a strong wind storm can rattle a piece of siding from the exterior of your house. Often times plastic siding interlocks with the other pieces of siding. A storm that causes air to rush up against the house in an upward motion can pop a piece of siding out.

Siding is essential in keeping your house sheltered from the elements like water. It’s important to keep water out of your house so you don’t get mold or allow other issues to evolve. Replacing a missing piece of siding can be a challenge because you need to match the color. If your siding color is no longer being produced this can be an impossibility. More than likely, you can find a color that matches your siding, but the sun may have faded the other siding causing your new piece to stand out against the others. Over time the piece should fade to match closer to the others. The cost to replace and install a few pieces of siding should be fairly inexpensive. This is a repair that you’ll want to take on for the safety of your house and if you don’t want to turn buyers off as they pull up to your house.

Rotten Wood On Your House

Selling My House In Kentucky With Old Windows

If your house has rotting wood on it, it’s not a great look. At the very least, the aesthetic of the rotting wood does not appeal to buyers. Rotten wood is an eyesore and it just makes the buyer question what else may be wrong with the house if you’re unwilling to keep the outside of the property in good condition. It can lead to other issues with your house. Rotten wood on windows can let out your heat/AC causing your energy bill to increase unnecessarily. It can also allow moister, mold and even bugs to creep into areas where they shouldn’t be.

We Buy Houses Kentucky With Rotten Siding

Selling Your House On The Market With Siding Issues

If you put your house on the market then you’re probably aware of your siding issues. You can list your house for sale with the siding issues. Buyer may not like it when they come. Your average homeowner will be just as equipped or eager to tackle the repairs as you are. It’s not something most buyers like to see as they arrive to your property.

On almost all real estate transactions, the buyer will pay a home inspector to come to the house and uncover any and all issues with the property. The inspector can provide loose prices or estimates for the cost of the issues or items that need repaired. These can add up or even swell well beyond what you would initially conceive if they uncover a bigger issue like dry rot throughout the wood or mold. The inspector will conduct his search and then submit a report to the prospective buyers.

IMPORTANT: External and internal problems from siding issues must be disclosed in writing to a buyer. Making quick cosmetic repairs without proper remediation with the intent of concealing issues for the purpose of selling your house can, and usually will result in a law suit and your liability for all repairs when eventually discovered by the buyer.

The inspection will usually uncover more than the initial walk through tour of a house. Once the buyer receieves the inspection report, they may request you make the repairs. If you are unable or unwilling to complete the repairs, the buyer may ask for a price reduction in order to account for the cost of repairs. Either way, there is usually some decrease in your proceeds from the sale after a negative home inspection report.

The worst possible outcome would be for the buyer to walk due to the inspection report. Depending on the contract, if the buyer is well within the inspection period, the buyer can walk away without owing you a penny. Buyers sometimes opt for this route when an inspection uncovers items that they are unwilling to cope with. This not only delays the sale of your house, but you also have to start from square one and open your house up to buyers again. This can extend the sale of a home significantly.

We Buy Houses Kentucky With Rotten Siding

Sell Your House As Is, Without Repairing The Foundation

If you decide you are unwilling to conduct repairs, you can sell your house in Kentucky as is. Selling your home as is in Kentucky, is one of the fastest ways to unload your house. When you list your house this way, it informs the market that your house will be sold in the current condition that it is in. You will not be making repairs, nor will you entertain the idea of repairs. This is a good route if you’re ready to sell your house with siding issues.

When you list a house in this manner you should realize that you will not receive the top dollar sales price for your house. In fact, if you list your house with this stipulation and do not input some price reduction, may buyers may choose not to consider the property as an option. This all depends on the condition (this varies a lot from house to house). The price point you list at should be a realistic number that would allow you to happily part ways with the property and provide a cushion for the buyer to purchase and take on the repairs themselves. This is a great option if you want to sell your house in Kentucky fast and avoid costly repairs.

we buy houses Kentucky with cash

We Buy Houses In Kentucky With Rotten Siding

We Buy Property In Kentucky is a local home buying company in Kentucky. We actually look for properties that need work. We are house flippers and rehab extraordinaire’s! We look for properties that need a lot of love. We buy houses in Kentucky with cash each month. We don’t shy away from the challenging properties either. The worse the property is, the more excited we get.

We love taking an undervalued property and bringing it back to it’s former glory. We’re Kentuckians that care about the bluegrass. We’re committed to ensuring home owners can sell their property for a fair value – even if they are in a pinch. We love helping people and we real estate is our method in which we do that. If we can help someone, and make money… there’s really nothing better! If you have a house with rotten siding or deferred maintenance and you’re ready to sell it, give us a call. We’ll make you a no-obligation cash offer. Our consultation is 100% FREE and if anything we’ll provide you with a baseline for the market. To get started fill in the form below.

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