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Selling Your Kentucky Home With Drywall Damage

Disclaimer: The content and information in this page is meant for guidance and general information. It should not be used as a substitute for professional and/or legal advice. We Buy Property In Kentucky is a local house buying company that can buy your house with drywall damage in Kentucky without you doing a thing.

Sell My Kentucky House With Drywall Damage

When you get ready to sell your house in Kentucky, you usually start to notice all the things you have on your plate. You may list it yourself or choose to list it with a realtor. Either way, you have to look around your home and evaluate items that need love and attention. Do you make the repairs yourself or call a professional? How long will the repairs take and what is worth completing?

Perhaps, you have a house that has damaged drywall. Most houses have drywall as the face of the wall and ceiling throughout the interior of the house. Drywall otherwise known as sheet rock is usually a mixture of components with held between thick pieces of backer paper. Although, a sheet of drywall is fairly inexpensive, at around $15 on average, it can add up if you have a bunch of drywall damage.

There is always work required when you get ready to sell your home. It’s part of the selling process, but it’s nothing to be afraid of. There are certainly costs associated with making repairs, along with costs incurred from getting your house in shape to sell. We’ll take a look at the options and challenges that you’ll face when selling your Kentucky property with drywall damage.

We Buy Houses With Drywall Damage In Kentucky

Drywall Damage – Why Its Troublesome When Selling Your Home

When a retail home buyer visits a house for sale, they typically prefer a house without defects. Buyers are looking for a solution to their problem (housing) rather than picking up a new one. It’s understandable when you think about it… Who wants to buy a new problem? Buyers are looking for a house that they can move into and be comfortable. Selling your Kentucky house that needs lots of repairs will represent a challenge to most buyers. Selling a house with a bunch of drywall damage can certainly slow down the selling process. We’ll take a look at some drywall issues and possible remedies.

Horizontal Drywall Damage

Typically, a horizontal crack in drywall represents a box in the wall from shifting or increased pressure. This is most common in basements, but can occur throughout a house. A house swells and contracts with the changes in temperature. As your home weathers different seasons it can develop cracks in drywall due to slow movements of the house. A long horizontal crack can represent a bow in the wall. This can be a minor issue, or in some instances a larger problem with the structure or a foundation issue. If you notice a crack and it grows in the length and width, then it’s best to call a professional to address. If you have minor cracks, you can easily repair your drywall with drywall putty. Apply the putty on the crevice and wait for it to dry. Once it dries, you can use a light sandpaper and gently sand the area for smooth edges. Then apply a paint job that matches the rest of the wall and you’re all patched up!

We Buy Kentucky Houses With Drywall Damage

Vertical Drywall Damage

Sell My Kentucky home with drywall Damage

When your house has vertical drywall damage, it’s fairly common. This can happen overtime as a house settles. It’s not a huge concern unless the cracks expand and multiply. If this happens, your house might be experiencing some slight twisting which causes the drywall to crack. This can happen from changes in temperature as well as intense weather patterns (like windstorms). A house can move slightly and drywall isn’t as forgiving as other materials when it comes to these slight movements.

If you notice a hairline fracture, this is common and you don’t have much to worry about. A little bit of drywall putty, elbow grease and paint will fix the job in no time! Conversely, if the cracks grow and multiple, you should call a professional to inspect your foundation along with your joists throughout the house. Although this comes with a price, the peace of mind from consulting a professional’s is worth it.

Stair Step Drywall Damage

We buy houses in Kentucky with foundation issues

Diagonal cracks are a symptom of both mentioned movements or changes with you house. These are the most common as the cracks usually aren’t perfect lines. As with any other drywall crack, if you notice it and the crack swiftly grows or expands then you could have a serious problem. It’s best to keep an eye on your drywall damage to ensure you don’t have a larger problem at hand. If you notice adverse changes then it’s best to contact a professional to check on the safety of your home.

Drywall Punctures

Sell Kentucky House With Drywall Issues

Drywall punctures can occur from a push or pull motion exerted on the wall. Unfortunately, when something is hung up on drywall it may stay there for a moment and then pull away over time due to gravity. Its very important to ensure pictures or wall fixtures are screwed to a wall stud rather than relying on the drywall to hold the object. On the other hand, you may have a hole in your drywall from inward pressure from a fist or other objects. Sometimes when furniture is moved around, a wall can get punctured. A larger hole will require a new piece of drywall to be installed as putty will not be able to fill the hole.

We Buy Houses With Drywall Damage In Kentucky

Selling Your Home With Drywall Damage On The Open Market

If you want to sell your house on the open market, drywall damage will not help speed up the selling process. It’s something that a buyer can easily identify when they enter the home. Although drywall repairs can be minor and fairly cheap, they could represent a larger issue. Either way, having cracks in your drywall isn’t the best presentation of you house and it certainly doesn’t give buyers confidence.

Inspectors are usually scheduled to visit a house within the first week or two after buyer and seller has agreed on price and terms. Inspectors are paid to look for and uncover all the issues a house may have. Exposed drywall cracks are something they can easily notice.

IMPORTANT: Drywall damaged must be disclosed in writing to a buyer. Making quick cosmetic repairs without proper remediation with the purpose of concealing problems to sell your home will likely result in a adverse litigation and leave you with the liability for all repairs.

Once the home inspection is complete, the home inspector will submit their report to the prospective buyers. The buyers will look through the report and determine what they want repaired or replaced. If you are unable to make the repairs, then you may need to reduce the asking price to account for the repairs. Either way, if you want to move forward with the deal, then you’re typically looking a loss of money up front or at the closing.

If the report comes back and it is very unfavorable the buyer may choose to walk. This is particularly unfortunate, because you have to relist your house for sale and start the entire process over. Don’t loss hope though – there is an, an alternative!

We Buy Houses With Drywall Damage In Kentucky

Sell Your House As-Is With Drywall Issues

If you’re unwilling to make the repairs or you’re unable to afford them you can opt to sell your Kentucky house as is. When you sell your house as is, you signal to the market that you will not be conducting repairs. The price is usually reduced to account for your unwillingness to complete repairs. This will limit your pool of buyers as many buyers are uninterested in making repairs themselves; but this strategy will help you attract the right kind of buyers. You should get buyers that are open to making repairs and know the house needs work.

As with anything in life, there are trade offs to consider when going this route. Rather than garnishing the highest price for your property, you should be able sell your house fast in Kentucky. This is one of the fastest ways to get rid of an unwanted property. If priced appropriately, the market usually responds well to a house listed and priced in this manner.

We Buy Houses With Drywall Damage In Kentucky

We Buy Houses With Drywall Damage In Kentucky

We Buy Property In Kentucky is a local real estate buying company in Kentucky that specifically buys houses that need work. We don’t shy away from houses that need repairs or have drywall damage. We work with all different types of real estate professionals that have years of experience and expertise in conducting repairs and renovations. We can buy your house with drywall damage and we’ll do everything so you don’t have to. We pay cash. We close quickly; and we pay ALL closing costs. If you’ve got a property with lots of drywall issues contact us today to see how easy our selling process really is.

We buy houses in Kentucky and yours could be next! If you’re not sure what route is best for you and your family, we encourage you to get no-obligation cash offer from us. If anything you can test the market. If you choose to work with us, we’ll be thrilled. On the other hand, if we just provide you guidance and help you – well, we’ll be just fine! We love helping people and real estate is our passion. Fill in the form below to get started!

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