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So, you want to sell your house in Kentucky?

Good news! This has never been easier! Not only can you easily sell your house in Kentucky, you can also do it without paying expensive real estate agent fees, heavy closing costs and you don’t even have to make repairs! The myth that your property needs to be in perfect shape, and you have to wait months hoping your house will sell is just not true.

First, Let’s examine a traditional sale

1.) You contact agents and interview them

2.) After interviews, you pick out an agent and then the process begins. (The agent will suggest you make decor changes, paint, clean and possibly even stage the house)

3.) Once finished with the laundry list of “to do’s” they finally market the house by taking pictures, posting to the MLS (multiple listing service) and other reputable online sources (Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, etc.)

4.) The agent will pick a weekend to hold an open house and allow the neighborhood along with any other nosy tire kickers to come inspect your house.

5.) After all the prospective buyers come and look through the house, they might make an offer to buy your house.

6.) The agent will then wait as they hope a legitimate buyer was present at the open house and makes an offer.

7.) If you’re lucky enough to receive an offer, and it’s a reasonable offer, you’ll then be tasked with addressing any repairs that the prospective buyer wants. You can (and should) negotiate these repairs, depending on the request.

8.) At the same time, the buyer will need to line up financing with a lender and have enough cash to put a down payment on the property.

9.) The inspection process begins and there will be many people coming and going to the property. The appraiser will need to appraise the house at the purchase price agreed, or the lender will require a new price, or decline the mortgage.

10.) After all the repairs, inspections, back and forth negotiations, you’ll find yourself anxiously counting down the days to closing. Typically, the full process is 30-45 days.

11.) On the date of the closing, the buyer will need to perform in order for the sale to go through. The buyer must provide their down payment, along with their financing (unless they’re paying cash) to make the sale go through.

12.) Provided everything goes as planned, you, as the seller is then tasked with paying the closing costs (title search, legal fees, etc.) After everyone takes their cut, you’ll get a check for your property.

~ Consider: As the owner and seller of your property, why does everyone else get paid before you do? …..

Selling your house does not need to be this complicated!

Think of an everyday purchase

When you purchase something at a store, you typically don’t need financing, inspections or lawyers. Imagine how long the process would take to purchase anything if that was required for all transactions… The more people involved, the longer and harder a transaction will take.

If you had to engage with multiple people every time you had to make a purchase, just think how slow life would move. There would not be the free commerce that we experience and getting goods and services would be much harder.

Thankfully, when you purchase most products, you buy them straight from the seller without all of the extra encumbrances. Think how simple the process is. A price is assigned to the product that a seller is happy with. A buyer is attracted, they shortly interact or inspect the product and then make the purchase if it makes sense.

That’s truly how easy selling your house can actually be. Just because a traditional home sale can take a long time, doesn’t mean yours has to. It’s not hard. The process is straight forward. And you can free yourself from a burdensome property very quickly.

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You will not make repairs. You will not have to redecorate, stage the house or do an open house. You won’t even need to clean, unless you want to. We’ll buy the house, as-is, directly from you. Don’t put another dime into the property because it is truly unneeded. We’ll buy the house directly from you and then get started right away. We’re a real estate company, so it’s our job to make the property HGTV ready! The best part is that at the closing you’ll get your cash and there won’t a cent deducted for closing costs, agent fees or commissions.

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You’ve come this far. Remember, knowledge is only power, if you use it. Take action today and get cash for your house. If you’re looking to sell your house fast, we’re a great option and we hope you’ll consider us.