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Selling Your Kentucky Home With Foundation Issues

Disclaimer: The content and information in this page is meant for guidance and general information. It should not be used as a substitute for professional and/or legal advice. We Buy Property In Kentucky is a local house buying company that can buy your house with defects in Kentucky without you doing a thing.

Selling Kentucky House With Foundation Issues

If you’re ready to sell your Kentucky home, then you probably have a lot going on. Whether you’re selling your primary residence or a secondary property that you own, it’s a lot to deal with. When you look around at all of the work that needs to be done, it can be overwhelming. You may not know where to start.

The work required to sell your house will require energy, time and/or money. You may not have the money or time for repairs. It’s important to realize that there are cost and reward trade offs that you’ll want to consider before you spend a dime or your precious time to take on the repairs.

We’ll examine what challenges you may be facing when selling your house in Kentucky with foundation issues.

We Buy Houses With Foundation Issues In Kentucky

Foundation Cracks And Why They Are A Problem When Selling Your Home

Buyers typically want a turnkey home. Having a foundation issue represents anything, but a turnkey house. There are all sorts of problems that could have occurred that caused the foundation crack. Is the house settling? Is there an issue with the soil? What’s the difference between the horizontal cracks vs. vertical cracks? Either way it can be tough selling a Kentucky house with repairs needed. We’ll take a look at these problems, what they indicate and solutions for these issues.

Horizontal Cracks

Sell House In Kentucky With Foundation Issues

Horizontal cracks are typically caused when the wall bows in some way. This usually comes from external pressure. When a house is built they dig our the soil to lay the foundation. The soil that was dug out and then used to back-fill around the foundation is usually looser than the dormant soil that was left untouched. The loose soil can absorb more water and will exhort more pressure on your foundation. Houses normal expand and contract due to weather changes, but this can cause a greater concern when it freezes. Water is one of the few things that expands when it freezes. The soil filled water is heavier and then expands from freezing and can cause additional pressure on your foundation. Depending on the severity and location of pressure, it can cause your walls to buckle. This foundation should be addressed immediately in order to mitigate expenses and protect your house.

Vertical Foundation Cracks

We Buy Houses With Foundation Issues Kentucky

Vertical foundation cracks are somewhat common. They actually appear in newer homes that have been built within 1-3 years. Typically this is a sign that the house has moved slightly as it settled. Homes often swell and compress throughout weather variations and this can cause cracks in your drywall and your foundation. As with any new issue, you should inspect it to ensure that it does not turn into a greater issue. If it is just a hairline fracture, then you may not have anything to worry. Conversely, if you notice the crack and it begins to grow in width and length then you might have a serious foundation issue. You should call a professional to inspect your foundation for peace of mind and a professional’s opinion.

Stair Step Foundation Cracks

We buy houses in Kentucky with foundation issues

If your house has diagonal or stair step cracks it’s likely that your home is experiencing a mixture of both settlement and soil pressure. If the weather has changed quickly or there is frost your foundation can experience additional hydrostatic pressure. Hairline cracks are not a huge issue, but it’s best to leave those concerns in the hands of professionals. They can patch up the crack or work on the underlying problem if one exists.

We Buy Houses With Foundation Issues In Kentucky

Selling Your House On The Market With Foundation Issues

If you’re getting ready to sell your house on the open market it rough discovering a new crack in your basement. As discussed above, it could just be the house settling or perhaps a larger problem. Making this determination can extend your selling process.

Foundation inspections are commonplace during the home inspection process. Inspectors typically will leave a radon detector in the home for a few days to test for this as well. Although a new crack in your basement may be small and nothing of concern, it still needs to be disclosed during the selling process.

IMPORTANT: Foundation issues must be disclosed in writing to a buyer. Making quick cosmetic repairs without proper remediation with the intent of concealing foundation issues for the purpose of selling your house will likely result in a law suit and your liability for all repairs when eventually discovered by the buyer.

After you have discovered an issue and disclosed it to the buyer, the decision is up to them. The may demand that the foundation be further inspected or they could request a price reduction in the event that there are issues with the foundation in the future. They could also request that the repairs be made prior to them buying a house. Due to the large variances that can come from a foundation issue, many buyers are scared to take on the risk. You’re usually looking at a bill up front or a lower number when you sell your house.

We Buy Houses With Foundation Issues In Kentucky

Sell Your House As Is, Without Repairing The Foundation

Selling your Kentucky house as is, really is one of the quickest ways to sell our house – especially if it has foundation issues. By listing your house as is or posting for sale by owner as is, it tells the market that you know there are issues with the house, you’ll disclose those issues, but you’re unwilling to fix the issues. It really doesn’t matter whether time, money or both are your issue. If you list your house as is, you’re telling the market that you’re ready to do a deal and move on. Many cash home buying companies are used to tackling foundation issues and they have no problem purchasing a home and completing the repairs.

Keep in mind, this usually will result in a lower transaction price as the repairs are on the buyer of the home. The cost-reward trade off is that you can sell your house fast without having to deal with the foundation issue, costs associated or convince Luke-warm buyers that you may encounter selling your house through a realtor. Lots of homeowners choose this route as they do not have the finances nor do they want to deal with the hassle of a foundation issue. This is a great option if you’re ready to sell your house fast in Kentucky and move on.

We Buy Houses With Foundation Issues In Kentucky

We Buy Houses With Foundation Issues In Kentucky

We Buy Property In Kentucky is a local home buying company in Kentucky that specializes in buying houses as-is, for cash. We offer a no hassle, easy and fast home sale. We’ve seen foundation problems and we’re equipped to deal with these issues. We can buy your house – foundation problems and all – and we’ll take can of everything so you can get cash in hand and part ways with your property easily. If you’ve got foundation issues and you want to sell your house in Kentucky, just fill in the short form and see how simple our selling process is.

We buy houses in Kentucky with cash each month and we don’t shy away from the problematic houses. We’re just normal people with courage that solve challenging real estate problems. When you sell your house to us, we do not charge commissions or fees and we pay all closing costs – it’s 100% FREE! If you’re not sure what plan you’ll take to sell your house you can get a no-obligation cash offer from us to gauge the market. You have nothing to loose and we truly enjoy helping homeowners. We are professional home buyers with a proven track record.

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