Dealing With A Hoarder House In Kentucky

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Inheriting A Hoarder Home In Kentucky

What should you do if you inherit a hoarder house? You might think that the only possible option is to roll up your sleeves and get cleaning. In many cases, this is what the new owner has to do to fix the place up. After all, who would want to buy an old house full of junk that needs to be thrown out? You may think there is no alternative. But not so fast!

We Buy Hoarder Houses In KY

We buy houses in Kentucky and unfortunately, we’ve encountered many individuals that inherit problematic properties from their loved ones. The passing of a family member is never easy and it brings a weight of it’s own. Dealing with the stress of the loss and the legalities of their passing can be overwhelming. Did they have a will? Did they set up a trust? Who is the next of kin responsible for the assets? Perhaps, it’s a distant family member that you didn’t know you had, and now you’re getting calls about them. Oftentimes homeowners hoard items unnecessarily and the house is filled with clutter. This can turn into quite the challenge at the time of their passing.

A hoarder house in Kentucky can be tough to deal with. The loss of a family member coupled with the burden of dealing with all of their belongs can weigh heavy on a person. It’s hard enough moving for yourself, let alone trying to decide what to keep and get rid of when they are not your possessions.

Before you get started determining what stays, and what goes you’ll need to determine what financial position the property is in. Does the property have any liens or debt associated with it? If so, as the new owner, you’re responsible for servicing that debt.

The Hoarder House I Inherited Has A Mortgage

If the house has a mortgage you are now responsible for the mortgage. This can become an issue if the house is full of stuff and you or a renter would not want to live in the property. If you’re okay living at the property and taking over the mortgage, then you’re all set. On the other hand, in most cases, people do not want to live in a hoarder house.

We buy hoarder houses in Kentucky

If the house is stuffed to the brim, you’ll need to start organizing and getting rid of things. You may consider renting a small dumpster depending on the amount of stuff that needs removed from the house. You can keep the valuable items and donate the rest. Call your local Salvation Army and have them pick up stuff. You can drop off furniture and smaller items at Goodwill. If you have items that vendors won’t take, you can call junk haulers to pick up and remove from the property. The cost of these services is usually understandable as they remove large items that are tough to move that no one wants. Either way, the property needs cleaned out. There are only a handful of companies that actually state, “We buy hoarder houses” and if you’re not planning on selling your property in Kentucky, then they can’t really help you beyond providing guidance or advice.

Once the property is all cleaned out, you can then decide what you’re going to do. You may choose to live there, rent it out, or perhaps sell it. Most people do not like paying two mortgages so it’s best to have a tenant pay that mortgage for you or sell your inherited house. On the other hand, you won’t be as hard pressed to make a decision if the house is free and clear of a mortgage.

The Hoarder House is Free And Clear

If the property does not have any debt associated with it, you have more time at your disposal. You can address the property as you see fit because there isn’t a monthly payment obligation pushing you. On the contrary, it’s better to keep property inhabited than to leave it vacant. Oftentimes vacant properties can draw vandalism and uninvited guests like cockroaches, critters and worst of all – squatters!

Just because the house if free and clear does not mean that you should leave it unkempt. It’s best to address the property as soon as it becomes your responsibility.  You’ll still want to determine what stays and what goes and clean the property up.

How To Really Clear That Hoarder House

If you are pressed on time and you really don’t want to go through the house yourself, you can look at an estate sale. This is a good option as the vendor will help you go through the items and assign a value to each one. This exercise can take a lot of time for newbies and the service you choose to work with typically can shorten this as they do this work all the time. Keep in mind, the vendor will take a portion of all proceeds. Each company has their own criteria, but you can usually plan to pay the estate sale organizer around 35% for their service. This is a good option if you’re short on time and don’t want to take on the hassle. Once you get everything cleared out it’s decision time. Regardless of the condition of the property, it has value. Whether you plan to restore the property to live in it or sell it, the property usually requires work.

Should You Sell Your Hoarder House or Fix It Up?

We buy hoarder houses Kentucky

If you’re contemplating fixing the place up or selling it you need to determine what the best route is for you and your family. It’s important to consider if you are able and capable to fix the place up. If you are up for the challenge, then great! If you’re worried you may invest energy, time and money into the property just to break even, then you may want to consider selling it.

It’s tough putting effort and resources into a project only to break even. Sadly, that is often what happens when we take on projects that we shouldn’t. Nevertheless, you can and will learn a ton during the process.

Who Buys Hoarder Houses

To many, a new piece of property is an added burden that becomes their problem at the time of their family member passing. Digging through used wrappers, junk and clutter is not a favorite past time for most. All their stuff fills the entire house. In some cases it can be impossible to enter a room, do to all of the junk. It takes time and elbow grease to remove all of the unwanted items to make the property shine like it should. This is a huge undertaking.

Sell My Hoarder House In KY

Believe it or not, there are actually individuals and companies that buy hoarder houses in Kentucky. It may sound far fetched, but real estate investors and “cash for houses” companies purchases hoarder houses all of the time. They specialize in cleaning up old properties and bringing them back to their former glory. These companies flip properties regularly and they are not afraid of buying hoarder houses. If you’re not interested in doing all of the hard smelly work, paying for dumpster fees and digging through old items, then selling your hoarder house in Kentucky to a cash buyer (like our company: We Buy Property In Kentucky) is a great way to get cash for your house and move on with ease.

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