Selling Your Kentucky House With Termite Damage

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Sell Your Kentucky Home With Termite Damage

Disclaimer: The content and information in this page is meant for guidance and general information. It should not be used as a substitute for professional pest control and/or legal advice. We Buy Property In Kentucky is a local house buying company that can buy your termite infested house in Kentucky without you doing a thing.

We Buy Termite Houses In Kentucky

If you’re ready to sell your house in Kentucky, you probably have a lot on your plate. Uncovering additional challenges and items to deal with, like termite damage, is probably the last thing you need. It can be incredibly discouraging to discover these issues while trying to sell your house. However, you are not alone. These problems are common and they happen to more people than you think. It’s important to know what you’re dealing when when you’re trying to sell your house with termite damage.

If your house has visible termite damage it might be more than you can afford to repair or a lager undertaking than you’re prepared for. We’ve got you covered! We buy Kentucky houses (even ones with bugs) and we make all of the repairs so you don’t have to lift a finger! Let’s discuss what you might be up against when you sell your house in Kentucky with termite damage.

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The Problem of Termites When Selling Your House

Sell My Termite Houses In Kentucky

Unfortunately, termites can be a huge problem for homeowners. They can grow unnoticed undercover in the house and spread seemingly overnight. It’s particularly challenging as they can cause lots of damage and decrease the chances of selling your house in KY.

Termites are bugs that hungrily devour the bones of your house! They will cause a problem in any house that they inhabit, but they are particularly troublesome in older homes with mainly wood support structures. Termites will do nothing but harm to your house. The extent of the damage they can cause will depend on the type of termite that you are dealing with.

Termites really take form as the weather changes and begins to warm up. They look for new places to start their colony. In general, termites slow down and become dormant as the weather cools. Then when the weather warms up again they become much more active and feast more.

Unfortunately, for homes primarily made out of wood, they are a primary target for these tiny critters. As they destroy more of the house by devouring it, it can cause major structural damage to your house. If termites are left unkempt for too long, they make a home unsafe. They can eat away the joists of your house and make it unsafe. Since termites decrease the safety of your house, it can make it incredibly challenging to sell your house with active termites.

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Selling A Termite Damaged House On The Market

We buy Termite Houses In KY

If you’re preparing to sell your house and you find an active termite infestation it will be challenging to sell it out on the open market. As if selling your house isn’t hard enough. Termites will only make the selling process more difficult and usually more expensive.

Inspections are a staple to any selling process. Since property is such a large transaction most trades involve an extensive inspection. Termites are something that is looked for during these inspections. The goal of the inspection is to uncover and damage or infestations that exist. Termite damage will likely be discovered and need to be disclosed to the buyer. With that in mind, there is still hope. Consider these options:

Exterminate the Termites

Everyone’s first thought is to exterminate the bugs. Although this is wise as this stops the damage from increasing, you wouldn’t know you have termites prior to listing your house. Typically, it takes a termite professional that knows what to look for in order to uncover a colony of termites. Once your house is listed on the open market, it’s not ideal to place a huge tent over it and gas the termites, but it is an option. The price of this service will vary by the size of home. This can be a costly, but worthwhile service. A house with termites will certainly not garnish the highest price from the market as the owner is agreeing to inherit a problem.

Repair The Termite Damage To Your House

Repairing the termite damage makes sense. Especially if you’re going to list your house on the open market, but it doesn’t make sense if you have an active infestation. You could be embark on repairs while the termites are actively destroying more parts of the house. This is not idea. Additionally, the repairs are going to be a large unknown variable. Sometimes when you uncover one problem you begin to find more. This can quickly increase the repair costs and slow your process of selling. On the other hand, having a house with termites and termite damage will greatly decrease your buyer pool and weaken your ability to get the property sold for a top dollar value.

Get A Warranty On The Termite Extinguisher Services

As discussed above, termite infestations can be costly. If you’re selling your house on the open market and you have brought in a company to eradicate the infestation and make repairs, you should ask for a warranty from the service provider. This warranty is something that you’ll want to keep to show buyers that you fixed the problem and there is a warranty for the even that the termites return. Providing the warranty to your buyers during the selling process shows that the infestation has been removed, the structural issues have been fixed, and the work is guaranteed for the duration of the warranty. This doesn’t always put your buyers at ease, but it is better than offering just your word. This warranty can drastically increase your odds to sell your house for a decent price.

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Sell Your Kentucky House As-Is

If you choose to sell your Kentucky house as-is it really is probably the fastest and easiest way to get rid of your house with a termite infestation. Any house with extensive termite damage takes a special buyer to purchase it without repairs. Many “we buy houses Kentucky” companies are equipped to purchase a house with bugs or damage.

It’s important to note, as the house requires work and repairs, this method will not help you garnish a top dollar offer for your house. On the other hand, it will allow you to sell your house fast without having to tent the house or repairs the termite damage. You won’t have to deal with unsettled buyers and the hassle of expensive services to deal with the termites. This is a great option for those looking to sell their house and avoid dealing with the headache.

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We Buy Houses With Termites In Kentucky

We Buy Property in Kentucky is a local house buying company in Kentucky that buys houses as-is, for cash. We buy houses and flip them. We provide an incredibly easy way to sell your house and we’re equipped to deal with all sorts of problems that homes have – including termites. We can buy your house in Kentucky (even if there is a termite infestation) and take care of everything so you don’t have to! If you’re worried because you’ve found termites in your house, it’s not that bad. If you’re interested in selling your house in Kentucky, fill in our form below and see for yourself how easy our buying process is.

When we buy houses in Kentucky our process is 100% free. There is no obligation to accept an offer from us. Whether you accept an offer from us or choose to go another route, we encourage you to get a free offer from us. If anything it can serve as a estimate on your house. We encourage you to get multiple offers on your house before choosing to do business with us. We are Kentucky’s top cash for houses duo for a reason!

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